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Fiber optic technologies and 5G are bringing a substantial transformation to many sectors, from telemedicine to logistics and security.
High connection speed, low latency times and high reliability are essential elements characterizing telecommunications networks.

Our role is to contribute to the reliability of the connections by providing solutions to guarantee continuity of power supply to the network equipment and in particular in the access part.
We mainly operate in the telecommunications and security markets, but our solutions are applicable wherever there are data networks or access to telecommunications ones.

The telecommunications sector plays a role of primary importance in economic development. It promotes connections between people and between societies as well as the development of the digital society. In summary, the telecommunications sector is a transversal enabler for all areas of activity.

The Internet plays an increasingly central role within society and the economy. For many citizens, connectivity today represents an essential means for working, communicating, inform yourself, purchase products and services. For companies, in the era of transformation digital, access to the network becomes fundamental to compete, grow and do business.


Our solutions guarantee power continuity in fixed network access, regardless of whether it is FTTC, FTTH or FWA. Application notes indicate the product insertion in the network.


For services such as site supervision and video surveillance in general, operational continuity is an essential characteristic. Application notes indicate the product insertion in the network.


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Datasheets and installation manuals can be requested by completing the request information form.

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